Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 4-March 1

Today we set out for a day where the only specific goal was to get bbq boar for lunch.  Other than that, we had thought about going for a hike.

 So, we set out in our car to south/east.  I had thought that we should try the Kailua Ridge hike, one that I've been wanting to try for a few years.

On our way down, without maps or books, we set out.  We stopped at the Kileaua lighthouse for a bit in search of whales.  I got some photos of the lighthouse and birds, but still no whales.  We stopped at the gas station for waters and I got some pics of the church next to it, which I found very charming.

Then we headed to look for the trail.  Unfortunately, my phone wasn't getting much service and the map app that I had would not direct us to the Kuilau trail, and we ended up just driving around the foothills looking at the family farms around Wailua.  It was neat to see Kauai off the main drags.

I wasn't quite up for searching even more for the trail (finally located it eventually on my phone map) because I just haven't been sleeping well, so we ended up at Opaeka'a Falls with all the other visitors, and then stopped at Lydgate to see how the ponds are looking.  It was incredibly windy there so we only stopped for a few minutes.

We then headed up to stop at the Coconut Marketplace to walk around and then I wanted to walk around behind to see what some of the properties look like that I always hear about (i.e., the Islander).  I also wanted to see if Hukilau Lanai was open for lunch, but it is a dinner only restaurant.

We then left back for the north and found the bbq boar at the Anahola Farmer's Market that I've been reading about and craving.  It was exactly what I was hoping for and we were both very happy!  We bought some other produce at their market and left for the condo.

On the way we pulled off so I could see Kalihiwai Bay, as I've never seen it.  We stopped for awhile and I got pictures.  We didn't go very far, but I did find out later that two men had gotten lost/drowned close by during our trip here.

After a rest we went back to Paradice, had our shave ice, got a coffee at Hanalei Coffee Roasters, and went to Hanalei Bay for a bit to walk and read.  They're doing work on the pier and it sure takes on a different look than what I've been used to.  I found what I think is the staging area for the construction so of course had to take pics of that.  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

We stopped and had a drink at Tahiti Nui, another place I've been wanting to go to, but didn't think it was entirely appropriate for children.  We had a quick drink and listened to the music for awhile before heading home.

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